Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 5

We had some visitors today.  Christina and Brice stopped by for a short visit. The boys had a ton of fun. They were racing from one end of the patio to us on the other side. But it was not just any race it was a boy race so they had to make it exciting and get their dose of adrenaline... They crossed lanes half way through the race every single time :)

DSC_8334-1DSC_8335-1DSC_8336-1DSC_8337-1    Brice is a fast runner and is so much bigger then Colin. Colin just seems so tiny he must get it from his dad :)

They really are the best of buds.

They played really hard and wore themselves out. They were both ready for naps by the time Christina and Brice went home. I am hoping Colin sleeps until 8 tomorrow morning.DSC_8378-1 I made a nice big dinner tonight, Broccoli Beef with Brown Rice. Colin even ate some broccoli :) DSC_8385-1 And of course Colin was cooking while I was....DSC_8389-1

A little something I starting working on last night. I have also been working on a Birthday present for a friend but I cant share photos until after her birthday...sorry sneak peeks :)DSC_8397-1DSC_8390-1

I am hoping I have a better night then last night. Let's just say I got scared and slept with a Mag light and my knitting needles. I figured if Colin could stab the couch 6"-7" deep it could do some damage. I think I will go drink some sleepy time tea and try and get some rest tonight.


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Christina said...

ROFL! You could do damage with those needles! I need some Sarah birthday ideas. I love how Brice's hair is so fly-away and that he had to take a rest in the lawn. They are so cute together and I love that they will always have each other growing up. It would be so nice if they could go to school together one day.