Friday, March 19, 2010


Me- "Sorry, but No...."DSC_7488-1 DSC_7487-1

Me- "Just because you put your hat on does not mean you are going outside."




Me- Sorry. No means no outside, to the back and front door. Nice try.


Colin- Outside? Hat! Ready!

Me- it's raining, we are not going outside, besides you do not even have shoes on.

Colin- Shoes? Umm...Shoes, Hat, Ready!

Me- Dang! Sorry sweets still not going outside.


Colin- Ummm....Bye-bye, Brice?

Me- Nice try, but no we are not going outside to go bye-bye to see Brice.

Colin- Naaaanaaaa!!!

Me- fine, go tell nana on me.


I love my toddler and I just love how he says "ummmm" :)


Christina said...

I love that he always wants to come see Nana and Brice. Not me. Just my om and Brice. So cute! I haven't heard him say "Ummm" that pretty new?

Sheila said...

Oh come on Mom Nana would have let him go outside for just a little walk. I'm so glad to have two sweet boys in my life. What a lucky Nana I am.