Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Towel Rug

DSC_6756 DSC_6748-2  I used only scraps I had including the super soft velour terry cloth. I didn't use steam-a-seam on here (big surprise, I know) I didn't want it to loose any of the softness. So I just stitched the circles down with an appliqué stitch and embroidery floss, I figure if it doesn't hold up I will sew it with the machine. I got the idea from this book...DSC_6749

Brett got it for me for Valentines Day. Well I wanted it and didn't want to feel guilty about it so I told him he got it for me :) I was ordering other stuff from Amazon so I figured I may as well get with the free shipping. I got it without ever seeing it in person. There are some great ideas in it but I was hoping for more tips on how to clean vintage fabrics so you could reuse them.

The books Towel Rug: it used a towel for the entire backside. I decided since my piece of towel was new and super soft I would just put trim around it to finish it off.


(I hope it's okay I showed the picture from the book)


I have yet to but it in the bathroom as we are still waiting for the paint to dry. For now Colin is enjoying it as a play mat. 


Sarah said...

great job liz its super duper cool

allsewnup said...

Is that ever cute and it appears as if it has passed close inspection! Nice piece of art.


Dee said...

I like the concept of this, but treasure my vintage linens too much to walk on them! LOL

Leslie said...

i love that book!! your rug looks great.

angela said...

Cute! That looks so soft for your toes!