Friday, January 8, 2010

Show and Tell: Christmas

We have all been sick with a very nasty head cold. It would appear that we are all on the mend. Or so I hope.


I made Colin a Christmas bib on Christmas Eve morning before we went to my grandparents house. I used a very dark denim for the front and a super soft flannel for the back.DSC_6254-2

I still need to top stitch around the edge and sew the appliqué on (it is currently being held on with steam-a-seam).


Also, I made Colin a Crayon Portfolio adopted from this pattern. DSC_6261-2 DSC_6262-2

I topped stitched around twice hoping to hide the wonkiness of my stitching.DSC_6267-2

I wanted two rows of crayon holders so I could fit 20 crayons. But the more times I tried to make the little holders the better I got. Which meant the worse the ones in the beginning looked. I can not tell you how many times I ripped it out and started over. I then finally decided to forget it and attempt a zippered pouch.DSC_6265-2

Overall I am happy with it, it is wonky but I think that adds to the overall character of it :)

I used a navy blue linen as the main fabric and a Japanese canvas for the pockets. The Sometimes Crafter's pattern was super easy to follow and had great pictures just where they needed to be.


Dee said...

love the Christmas tree and the binky!

what a cute little pea pod!

Leslie said...

these are both so adorable. i love the christmas bib

Evelyn said...

Love the little portfolio! The applique is adorable. The zippered pouch may actually be more usable. In my experience (and I have been carrying around something similar in my purse for months for my daughter, and it gets used a LOT), the middle of the thing gets really smudgey from the tips of the crayons rubbing around. Having them tucked away might be better in the long run.

Sarah said...

you did a great job and i love that you used the zipper pouch!