Monday, January 11, 2010

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday

Instead it was very productive.



After: DSC_6300-1

Before: DSC_6304-1

After:DSC_6319-1 DSC_6322-1DSC_6321-1

Thanks to Ikea we got some great stuff for the kitchen at really good prices. Our old light had a socket that went bad so we only had two bulbs in it. Which was not enough light for our kitchen. The new light fixture is not my dram fixture but for $20 it works wonderfully.

The hanging system under the cabinets works really well. I got some stuff out of the cupboards (I need to make room) that we use every day. I need to go back to Ikea and get some longer hooks to hang the ceramic holders on so I can fit some cooking utensils in them. For now they are housing Colin's forks (which there is also no room in the silverware drawer).

Some of my goals this year are:

*to simplify our life/house

*to slow down and enjoy the time we share together

So far we are off to a great start. We cleaned out the garage and a few cupboards in the kitchen.

Happy Monday :)


Sarah said...

It looks WONDERFUL! Great start on your goals.. I need to take your lead and get rid of some stuff, simplify. Its amazing how fast things accumulate and really add a lot of stress to our lives.

Leslie said...

it looks great. being organized and uncluttered always feels so good.

Christina said...

It looks great!