Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday: Pink


Vintage table cloth and a teddy bear dressed in pink pajamas DSC_5587-1

My Pink and brown rain boots. Rain boots are a must with the weather we are having right now.DSC_5590-1

My sock...yes I purposely wore a sock with pink on it today :)


kendall.micayla said...

your socks are just too cute! i love argyle so much. and those boots are lovely, i have a pair too but mine are black and rather plain.
happy wednesday!! xoxo

Sarah said...

hehehehe I looked for pink socks but was in a hurry and grabbed my gnomes instead ;) im still excited about the argyle quilt... get on it ;-) haha

Leslie said...

oooh i love your oink rain boots!! they are so fun

Monika said...

Wish I owned pink socks!! Great pink photos - love the gumboots.

Catherine said...

Oh I love those gumboots, they're sure too brighten up a rainy day!

Anonymous said...

Those boots are just too cool - I love them!