Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday: Brown


Roxy and her cute brown patch. DSC_5666-1

My new brown glasses. Just picked them up a couple hours ago. Perfect timing.

I thought the picture of Roxy was appropriate for the day. We have been wrestling with the idea of finding her a new home. We just don't meet her energy needs. She needs other dogs to play with and a family who has more time for her. It has been a very sad day for me. It's one thing to feel this way, it is totally different when you decide to follow thru with it.


Sarah said...

sweet pictures I love the glasses and I think roxy looks super cute.. you can use it for her personals ad ;-) I know its hard..hopefully you will be able to find someone that you feel good about and it will make it easier
take care

Christina said...

I know exactly how you feel. I remember feeling the same way with Casey. It was a very hard decision - but I know the right one for us at the time.

Betsy said...

Getting rid of Mimi was so very difficult for me, especially because I had to do it twice (long story) but I could no longer look at my new husband and say my cat was more important to me than his happiness and health. Mike is severely allergic to cats and I made him endure living in a one bedroom apt with her because I had gotten her before I met him.

It's a hard, hard decision, but it is better to find her a place where she can be happy. And after a week or two, you can relax in the knowledge that she'll be happier.

Cathy said...

Roxy is cute, and it must be hard for you to come to that decision, but you do need to do what is right for you, I hope it all works out really well. Lovely new glasses too! xo

Catherine said...

Very hard decision to give up a family pet but sounds like she may be happier in the long run. She has lovely markings on her.

kendall.micayla said...

i know how you feel about roxy, we once got a terrier mix from the pound and we fell in love with him. but one thing after the next happened and we knew it would be better for him if he had someone who could handle his energy and give him some tough love :) we miss him but we know that he is happier that way. and it just feels right in our hearts this way, it feels better than knowing that we werent the right home for him and keeping him with us.
i hope that you feel better soon. xo