Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Mr. Squirrel

Acorn, originally uploaded by izzybizzy81.

I know you have been very busy these past few months. We watch you from our windows as you bury your treasures.
We would like to make you a deal. If you could please come closer to the door so that we could see you a little better...Colin thinks you are a kitty. We in return will help you bury your acorns. As it seems you are running out of time and are just throwing them anywhere and everywhere. If you agree to these terms simply reply by standing in front of the sliding glass door for Colin.

Anxiously waiting,
Elizabeth & Colin


Dee said...

I've petitioned out squirrel union boss to talk your squirrel union boss...he says to sprinkle a little corn outside your door as incentive to lure the recalcitrant union members to quickly oblige!

Good luck!

Christina said...

Lol - that's hilarious!