Friday, October 30, 2009

We are still here

It has been a while since I have stopped in and said "hi." We have been busy around here, with what I am not sure :) Hopefully I will have some pictures of some completed projects soon:

I am still working on Colin's other mitten, it looks great.

Another project for Colin, it's glowing

got my supplies to knit myself a hat, it should be interesting

got some great vintage/antique fabrics and towels

hand painted some fabric, it still needs some work/growth

I got a new crochet pattern that will be made into a Christmas gift

Upgraded a hat for Colin, it's gnometastic!

See I have been busy...I just have not finished a single project to be able to share it :)

We have had lots of visitors this last week and enjoyed every minute. DSC_3953-1 Most of the Costa family came for a visit.

Grandpa Rollie and Grandma Pat brought Colin a pumpkin with a "kit-tee" on it. Colin loves it!

DSC_3978-1 DSC_3981-1 His favorite part was taking the lid on and off


Brice and Christina came and played for a bit.

I better get back to working on those projects. Wishing everyone a fun and Happy Halloween!


wishes, true and kind said...

You have been busy and enjoying your family and friends. My years at home with the children when they were small were so precious! Now they are in college and are incredible people. So many different ages and stages to enjoy :).


The Quilt Buddy said...

You are one busy bee!

Have fun trick or treating!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pumpkin!