Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Brooke

I got to meet Brooke Ashlynn last night. She is adorable! I politely asked her if she would let me take her picture, this is how she replied. ..


She turned her head and faced the other way. Too cute!DSC_3824-1 DSC_3825-1 DSC_3826-1 DSC_3827-1 I heart baby hands!

I tried to be patient and wait for her to wake up, but she was determined to sleep through dinner. Mom said I could wake her up and hold her :) Lucky me.

When I got home my wee one was still awake. Waiting for mom to get home before he went to sleep. I love him so very much. And just being away from him for a few hours makes me realize just how much I love him.


PS- Mom and grandma loved the Brooke Quilt! They were impressed with my skills. And to tell the truth I am too. With much thanks to my husband for his help and Colin's too :)


Sarah said...

oooh I heart baby everythings..you need another one.. im just saying... hehe just look at mr C waiting for mama.. so so so cute.. and yes that quilt was very impressive you are awesome

Anonymous said...

I heart Mr. C. too!!! He is SO cute. :)

(your biggest fan, from Winnemucca, NV)

The Quilt Buddy said...

Oh my goodness...how could you wait so long to grab a hold of her?....I totally miss those days when they are so teeny-tiny!....Oh and the smell of baby freshness!

My Little Person always tries to wait for me to come home! He is w/me all the time and when I go out without him, he soooo misses me. And me the same!

BTW-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt that you made for her! You made it out of my all time favorite fabric line. YUMMY.

Have a good day!