Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday 9:30 AM

Today's nap couldn't not have come any sooner. WE are both tired and grumpy this morning.


I am still working on my cup of coffee which means not a lot is going to get done this nap :) I checked emails, flicker photos, sorted my scraps. And I might even pay some dreaded bills.

On the scrap note let me just say this, it's a pain. I understand the reasoning of keeping scraps and it is really nice having some so you don't have to cut into yardage for little pieces. But where do you keep all of them? Do you ever throw some away? I just did! I know some of you will find this to be devastating. But honestly they were really small pieces and not thing i could ever see myself using. So why is it so hard to stop myself from taking them out of the trash?

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allsewnup said...

I hear you loud and clear, I've got scraps that there is no possible way I could use them {not without sewing my fingers at least}. I love the giraffe, frog, bird fabric! ;o)