Tuesday, September 22, 2009

7 Years Later


My old Rowenta final gave her last burst of steam yesterday. She was a great iron and took much abuse.  Notice the several bandages of electrical tape, thanks to Roxy. A few months ago I accidentally grabbed her by the cord and flung her off the top of our front load washing machine onto the cement garage floor.  And ever since that incident she has been sparking and hissing under her metal plate.

Thank you little iron for all the years of freshly pressed clothes, dish towels, and pillow cases. Without you my quilting and sewing projects would have been crinkled and disheveled looking.


The Quilt Buddy said...

Its always hard to say goodbye to an old, faithful friend!

Good luck with the new one.

My Great Retreat said...

I love your paisly header! I have an iron that looks much like your old friend. We are a fan of electrical and duct tape in our house, lol.


Tiffany Tillitt said...

This cracks me up. Way to pay tribute to an iron. Though it did help me with my projects that never seem to get finished.