Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heat Wave


The air conditioner in our house broke last night. And of course today was the hottest day of the year! Luckily for Colin and I Christina saw my instant messenger status and invited us out to her place. Which was great but I have no car, it's in the repair shop for a couple days. My luck did not end there, Christina offered to come and get us! Yippee! Our hero. I asked if she could come in a few hours, that way I had ample time to get ready, she said no problem. A half hour later I said "forget it, it's too hot. Please come as soon as you can." It was 9am and already 80 degrees in the house and super humid. A short while later the fabulous Orange Chicken (Christina's car's name) arrived with our rescue crew.

Thank you Christina and Brice! We may be seeing you again tomorrow ;)

To those of you who live in much hotter climates then our area and don't have AC, I apologize for whining. And you must share some of your secrets for coping with the heat and humidity. Colin has a heat rash already and we were in the air conditioning most of the day.





The Quilt Buddy said...

Is Christina the Sometimes Crafter? She is awesome!

Stay cool and at least you don't have the humidity!

Christina said...

It was so much fun to spend the two days with you!