Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Sewing

This will project #3 completed from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book. I love the book! I feel in love with it when I first saw the project preview pictures on Melanie Falick Books blog before the book was even released.

I made two of the yard sale skirts for my mom. I added an extra panel on both even after using the size large pattern. And I added a button hole in the waistband so we could slip one of the ties through it, I think it really helped the skirt lay better. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of them.  Hopefully I can catch my mom wearing them someday.

Project #3 was the Head scarf, this went to my mom as part of her Mother’s Day gift (I made right before we went to see her). I made it out of left over fabric from on of her wrap skirts. I even had to piece the fabric together to get the right size rectangles. I used a French seam, that way there wouldn’t be any fraying. You can’t even see the seam due to how I placed the pleats on the head band. Yippee! I love when everything works out.



I love it! I am defiantly going to have to make one for myself. I cut 1.5 inches off of the elastic that it calls for, making it a really secure fit. Headbands always fall off of me, I have a big head.




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Christina said...

Looks good, Lizzy!