Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who needs a basket of toys when you have this…


Colin was having a lot more fun playing with moms fabrics and ribbons then his toys. Notice that the basket of toys in the top left corner is full. May I  also add that he has not played with these toys for quit a while, perhaps since his birthday. And they still can’t compete with the fabric.

I am hoping to have a post here very soon showing you all the fun stuff I have been working on. Hopefully the teething baby will let me get some more sewing time in ;)



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Sarah said...

Hehehe well he is a lot like the girls too.. they LOVE to play with mom's fabric.. I mean they have to figure out what the big deal is.. they see us spending so much time with it ;-) Has he discovered the plastic dishes and pots and pans? Those are loads of fun too