Friday, February 27, 2009

Putting the pieces together

This is a very sad to admit WIP. I started this last year around this time. I am no where near completion. My goal is to have it completely finished by the end of March.No specific reason for the date I just thought it would help me to finish it. And a month seems like a decent amount of time.

I have all the main blocks assembled for the top and I am currently sewing them all together. This part shouldn't take me too much longer it's the boarders after this part that may take me a while.
I have a few more WIPs and a few other projects on the to do list. I better get back to sewing before the little one wakes up (not so little any more weighing in at 20.8 lbs) or the other helper does.

Darn, I woke her while taking the picture. This is her favorite spot in the office. We are almost out of room in the chair( she is now weighing in at 25lbs), I can barely fit in it with her anymore. I am not sure how I will keep her out of stuff when she out grows the chair.


Sarah said...

awwww Roxy is so cute!The quilt will be so cute I cant wait to see it!

Christina said...

I got you beat. My pink/green/floral quilt (that i'm still getting the binding sewn down on) is about 6 years in the making. Can't wait to see it!

LaDonna said...

Roxy what a cutie