Thursday, February 19, 2009

My diet is ruined

I have started a new diet, a fabric diet. After the huge buying spree at Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe's $3 a yard Super Bolt sale. I decided I was over due for a diet. If one has to buy new shelves to store her piles of fabric it's time to trim it down. I was doing pretty well at not purchasing any new fabric, mainly due to living vicariously through my friends and their new fabric. But then I had to take my car to the auto repair shop which happens to me literally right next door to Fabric depot. I resisted the day I dropped the car off, pat myself on the back. But then I had to go back the next day and pick up my car. Needles to say I did not do as well. It was a rough day her at home, crazy puppy and very active baby. And fabric always makes me feel so much better, sigh, new fabric.
Fabric from left to right: Alexander Henry-Entertaining Elephant, Alexander Henry- Toadstool, Tula Pink- Flutterby: Blue lady bugs, Lila Tueller- Soiree Moss Party Dress (they had just unwraped this while we were standing there!)

I think I did pretty good, it's like I had cake but just a small piece. Hehehe. My friend Sarah went with me so we, luckily we wanted the same stuff, so we just split the fabric and made our own fat quarters. It saved us some money and I got some great fabric and a nice little piece of trim. Green was the color for the evening apparently. Dont you just love when you get home and you look at your fabric again and you realize you bought prints that all had the same color in it.

It's back on the diet band wagon for me. Hopefully I can me much stronger and resist buying new fabric for a little bit longer this time.


Sheila said...

Diets suck.............come to the dark side we have cookies. ( or fabric) You can never have too much.

Christina said...

Pfffft...diets. There is no such thing as a fabric diet. Buy yourself a shelf! ;)

Sarah said...

ahh I do love fabric sales.. I noticed you didnt mention our recent online Heather Ross addictions.. hehehe I love fabric. Now I think we'd feel way less guilty if we have lots of new creations to show for it