Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still here

It has been a lot longer then I thought it has been since my last post. I think my head has been stuck in a cloud, a dark gray confusing cloud. I haven't done much crafting, in fact I don't have any pictures of anything I have worked on. I think the only thing I have been working on is a cloth book for Colin. It's almost complete I just need to add binding to the pages and figure out how to bind the entire book together.
We have had lots of visitors and we ourselves have been out visiting family and friends. Other then visiting friends and family I have been occupying my time with reading. I haven't had the motivation or enthusiasm to craft. I read these two books which I would have to say are must reads:
you can find it here. Don't be alarmed and the size of the book it is well written and before you know it you have finished the book and are sad to see the end.
I bought my copy at Target but I am sure you can find just about anywhere. I could have read this in a day, if I had the time. I started the second book in the saga last night. I am hooked. I know this saga is really popular and I am getting a late start but it's nice I don't have to wait a year or more for the next book to come out. hehehe


Sarah said...

I love Twilight I am getting there on eclipes but more tired the last couple of nights from staying up until like 230am reading twilight and new moon ;-) they are so good!

LaDonna said...

Books are such a wonderful escape for renewed outlook .