Friday, September 12, 2008

Read anything good lately?

I am in need of a new book. I have finally decided to give up on Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. I love her other books but I just can't get into this one and it's heading in a direction that is not keeping my interest. I am looking for some suggestions on a good book to read, I like all types of books, so any and all suggestions are wanted.

And if anyone has read Wideacre does it get better? Should I keep reading? Is it worth my time or should I move on?

Or if anyone knows of a book swap or feels like swaping books maybe that's a possiblity.


Christina said...

I have oodles of books. You should come over this week and get a few. Some are from my mom and some from my Aunt, so there is a good, broad selection...from smutty romance, to great sci-fi. :)

Joey Snow said...

My mom moved to Portland about a year ago and she sold most of her books to make the move but I bet she's already started another collection and may be interested in swapping. I could connect the two of you, if you're still interested!! Cute Babe!!

Sarita said...

Hi girl,
Havent been able to chat with ya since I left myspace. But I read your blog! So I had to comment that Phillipa Gregory is one of my favorite authors! I have read 5 of her books. Including wide acre which was my least favorite.

Miss hanging out with you. Collin is growing up so fast. We need to get together again :0)

Sarah Peru