Friday, August 15, 2008

We made it

My husband as been in Germany for two weeks, working of course, and I am happy to report that Colin, Kona, and myself are all in one piece. Half way through the first week I did not think I was going to make it. Colin decided to change his most compassionate sleeping schedule to an unruly one. Waking up after bedtime after sleeping for as little as one hour, it was a different story every night, even though I put him to bed at the same time. I will be so happy and well rested when he sleeps more consistently through the night.

I did find lots of energy for some projects around the house, and thanks to my little brother Ben we got them done before Brett got home.
This is a frame we made to fit this Alexander Henry decorator weight fabric on. I got it out of the remnants section at Fabric Depot. You just can't pass up the savings and the fabric piece was 3/4 of a yard, I think. I also got a yard of the Alexander Henry decorator weight fabric Mocha (and a extra yard to use with Christina's diaper bag pattern when it's finished) and I made two panels and a third out of some Laurie Smith fabric I had in the stash.
The wall is long enough for a fourth panel and it looks a bit strange with just the three so I am going to make a fourth panel with the Laurie Smith stripe. I got the frames for these at Ikea, they were only $4.99 and it came with screws and nails. The nails were complete junk and it went much faster with a stapler. Overall I am very pleased with both projects but of course the one in Colin's room is my favorite, since we made the frame ourselves. Next time I will just make the frame myself so I can vary the size/shape to fit the fabric I have and add more pezazz.

Here is a peek at the rest of the fabrics I bought from Fabric depot, all at least 30% off, to add to my stash.

That's right there is a piece of Paisley print fabric ;)

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Christina said...

That is such a CUTE picture of Colin! You should print that for B to take to work. I love the "art"...can't wait to see it in person. And i'm going to get my diaper bag pattern finished...i'd like to have it done this weekend... :)