Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back log #2

We had lots of activities including a play date with Christina and Brice. It was the funniest thing, we dressed them in the same outfits. Christina, like a good little blogger already posted about this, but I thought I would too.
We also went to the new park with cousin Jennifer and her daughter Taylor; it has a skate/bike area for the teens, a great big play set for the younger ones (the new toys are really cool looking and nothing like i remember them being), a long walking trail that is paved, and best of all an off leash dog area for Kona.
This is Kona, our first child if you will, she unfortunately gets less attention since Colin arrived. We try really hard to give her special time i.e. taking her to the dog park. It just seems like she gets the full force of my frustration. I don't beat her or anything, I just yell at her and send her to time out when she is being bad. It doesn't take much for her to make me mad, I am working really hard on trying to be patient with her.

Okay back from my tangent. Where was I? Oh yes, the park with Jennifer and Taylor. It was a beautiful day and I got a really attractive t-shirt sunburn, but managed to keep Colin sunburn free.
Little Miss Taylor just loves Colin. She tries really hard to be gentle with him. As soon as she sees him she walks over and pets him. It is adorable.
Here she is kissing Colin goodbye. Is she not the sweetest?
I have to say I am really lucky to have amazing friends and family close by to spend time with.


Jennifer said...

aww you love me i knew you did...lol. those are super cute pictures of her and baby colin. she loves him. We will have to get them together soon

Christina said...

Ryder likes to "pet" Brice, too. :)