Sunday, July 27, 2008

Does anyone post here?

Hello, long time no hear from.

Yes I am still alive, just very very busy. It does not take much to overwhelm a person and fill one's day. I have so many great things that have happened in the past month. OMG! It's been a month. My excuse was that I got this great new camera and I haven't downloaded the pictures from it. How could I possible post without pictures? Then my excuse changed to "I am just to busy with company, my husbands birthday, in-laws coming over for dinner (first time in the seven years that we have been together), weekend family reunion festivities, and finally a horrible infection that I am glad to report is almost cleared up. So there you have it, all my excuses I can come up with.

Unfortantly this is all the time I have to post.I will be more diligent in my posting and I am hoping to post something tomorrow that is a bit more interesting.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

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Jennifer said... are so funny. nice to have you back!